Letterpress Appraisal

At old City Press & Co. we love letterpress and in a hope to help preserve the true nature of such a great art we have started to offer letterpress appraisals. We do this free of charge. Our hope is to help keep the equipment which has been such a huge part of America’s history from going to scrap yards.

Do you need a letterpress appraisal?

Most of our calls are from people who have rust old equipment in their basement or garage. This equipment usually came from a family member who printed, or had an affinity to printing at one point in their lives. We love getting calls from clients who have equipment and have no idea of the value, or what to do with it. You have no idea how excited I get when someone calls me and starts chatting about equipment they have or when I walk into an old basement and I see a shop that has been shut down for years. I find the feeling very nostalgic!

How does a letterpress appraisal work?

Well I always find being open and honest about the equipment and the value. Some equipment is valuable, and some equipment is not. Its sometimes hard to tell just by looking at a unique piece of steel. Normally after a brief call I will ask to send me photos of the equipment. Please take a lot of photos of everything possible. If you are within driving distance, its not uncommon for me to just get in my car and go for a drive. (I am located in the Washington, DC area)

Do we ever buy letterpress printing equipment?

Yes, we do occasionally buy equipment. We do the appraisals to help preserve letterpress, but as with any passion we are collectors ourselves. We also have a huge network of other shops in the US, and if you have a great piece of equipment, then its not uncommon for us to contact these shops and let them know what you have and help facilitate everything if you need help. We do not charge for this service, unless of course you needed our help moving equipment. We do occasionally move equipment that has been sold as we have a ton of experience breaking down large machines. We have actually fit a 8×12 Chandler Price into a 4 door car with only two people.